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The work life balance is a myth.

There are hundreds of books about creating a work life balance. The concept of prioritising work with everything else; health, fun, family, friendships. When I explain what I do to strangers I guarantee I will be asked “how’s your work life balance?”

I learnt a huge lesson about year 3 of my entrepreneurial journey. A “work life balance” is a myth.

As an entrepreneur you cannot and must not separate your work from your life. Work is a part of your life and any entrepreneur will tell you, it’s a bloody big part and one of the most fun parts. Being an entrepreneur is hard, it’s not a 9-5. You cannot switch off. You don’t walk through the front door at home and instantly forget your “work”. Being an entrepreneur is part and parcel of who you are. Its not a job title, it’s a way of life. Just like I have mates who are extrovert or cautious, I am entrepreneurial. I find the concept of starting something new exciting. I enjoy an element of calculated risk. I enjoy thinking differently. I’m intrigued by the unknown and I’m drawn to challenges.

So for “work” if you see yourself as an entrepreneur you can see that it’s impossible to separate this from your “life”. Plus why would you want to?

Once you accept that your “work” is your “life”, things become a lot more enjoyable. You stop segregating activities as work or life and start embracing the flexibility your life has become by being an entrepreneur.

The two can be entwined. Did you know Richard Branson’s office has always been his kitchen table. It ensured his never missed dinners with his family and kept them all involved. The guy was even known to have meetings laying in bed!

I try to involve my family and friends in my business too. My family are great at providing advice and support and my Mum is known for knocking on pubs selling crackling! My business partners are two of my closest friends. I don’t work 9-5 Mon-Fri. Some days you’ll find me asleep on the couch at 11am on Wednesday or you’ll find me in the warehouse at 4am on a Saturday.

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. But when you make the leap, embrace it and enjoy all the flexibility it offers.