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Think Big, Act Fast.

You know what really gets my goat. Procrastination. I love owning my own business as I get to run at the pace I want, and generally that means flying by the seat of my pants. Life and business is boring when it becomes "samey". Running at a speed that would make most people quake means I'm learning more than anyone and especially more than my competitors.

So what’s been happening in Pig HQ this week? Well we had a screen test with QVC, we rolled out to a new 20 site pub group, got 2 meetings with big grocers, moved our warehouse 40 miles down the round, quadrupling our footprint and oh yeah filmed a new show “Pitches to Riches” with the BBC.

None of these things would have happened if I didn't push the business forward. To keep my staff on the edge of their capability and quite frankly pick up the bloody phone and call people.

The fact of the matter is that business is hard and so many entrepreneurs are frightened of making a decision in case it’s wrong.

Our warehouse has been at bursting point for months, ever since we appeared on Dragons Den. We couldn’t move it though as we couldn’t afford a space big enough to cope with our next stage of growth. It’s pointless moving into a 5 year lease if the warehouse won’t be suitable for us in that time frame. But then if we are expecting to double in growth each year for the next 5 years, how could we possibly fund a warehouse that size now? It would be a complete waste of money.

So I found a compromise, a space that we can grow into but doesn’t tie us in for a long time. Yes it will cost us more in the short term but flexibility is so key to the success of our business right now. The other massive benefit is they make marshmallows there to and its an old pig farm. A fricking pig farm!

Acting with pace is a critical skill that I believe is one of the fundamental reasons why we will stay ahead of our competitors and continue to excite our customers. So many entrepreneurs get caught up in the detail. They stress about what if. What if we can't afford it. What if we lose our biggest customer, what if there's a flood. What if a giant marshmallow consumes the warehouse. Being an entrepreneur means you understand the risks but you calculate the probability and "What if you don't" becomes the overriding factor.

Moving the warehouse took me 2 weeks. Next time I'm going to do it in 1.