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Winning Awards

A few weeks after the dust has settled on us winning Buckinghamshire’s Best New Business 2016 I thought I would get off my and jot down my thoughts on the whole thing.

Firstly I am absolutely over the moon to gain this kind of recognition from the community we work in. As a new business you keep your head down and crack on, not really knowing if what we’re doing is right. However, something we’ve learnt along the way is that Buckinghamshire is the “entrepreneurial heart of Britain” with more start ups than anywhere else in the UK. So to be highlighted from among such a huge number of businesses is very humbling and reaffirms to us that we have the right approach in place.

So how did we win? The process required us to submit a comprehensive application form, an interview, a video and a big old slap up award ceremony. We also had to show our business plan, financial forecasts and evidence of everything we have stated. To be honest seems a bit much doesn’t it, but we also used the time to build our strategy and rethink what we were doing was good enough. We evolved a lot of things, added in new stuff and overall made the company a hell of a lot better.

The video was hilarious. Nobody likes seeing themselves on screen but least of all the Big Man himself (Andrew Allen). I forgot to tell the boys the camera crew were going to ask a bunch of questions as I love a bit of fly by the seat of your pants type stuff but that’s so not what a "Marketeer" wants to do. They need to be prepped and on brand. But that’s why the company is doing so well. You’re got the balance of Andy with the unbalance of me. We bring out the best in each other, whilst encouraging us to think differently and drive forward. He’s like Beyoncé to my Jay Z, except he has a beard.