Nick Coleman Snaffling Pig


I'm average. In fact I'm beyond average. I have never been to the moon. I haven't won a medal at the Olympics. I do not know the chemical symbol for Titanium. However I have built 2 multi-million pound businesses, employing dozens of people serving thousand of products to customers across the world.

The reason is down to one thing. Deep inside me I am driven to succeed. I embrace failure and I won't stop just because it gets a little tough. In fact I probably love the lows because it makes the highs so much sweeter.

But life would be boring if you don't share it with people and so I'm on a mission to share my learnings and help other entrepreneurs with their journey.

As an entrepreneur there is no work life balance, just life. If you try to separate the two, you'll forever feel guilty you're not spending enough time on one or the other. I'm fortunate to have a supportive family, including an energetic cockerpoo called Fudge, who happens to be the best at putting life stresses into perspective!

In 2016 I appeared on Dragons' Den gaining investment from Nick Jenkins. In 2017 I won the Virgin Foodpreneur award and in 2018 became a semi-finalist in the Virgin Media Business Voom awards.

Nick Coleman Snaffling Pig


Taking pork scratchings to places they have never been before

The question I get asked all the time, is why did you start a pork scratching business? The trend in the UK is geared towards health, coconut water and yoga, so why on earth do you think you can sell deep fried pork skin?

The answer is simple. Why not!? The whole business started as a bet with a £500 seed investment to challenge myself to see if I had the skills to start a brand new business. I thought about all the times in my life when I've had the most fun. I thought about my times in the pub with my mates, playing darts with my dad and bang, it hit me. Nick, why don't you bring out an innovative, fun pork scratching. Its about time someone did. I'm a firm believer in the saying "when the world zigs you zag" and so I set to work on building a brand that was unlike anything anyone expected.

It was 2016 when we appeared on Dragons' Den and gained investment from Nick Jenkins. It's early on in that relationship but I can feel this business is already more than just deep fried pig skin. We're a brand that stands for so many things and I'm hugely excited about the future.



Hello. We love a challenge. 

We must do, as we started a pork snack-based business with just £500.

We think the humble pork crackling and scratching are AWESOME, but they have been a bit neglected – left in the shadows while new-fangled ‘cooler’ foods had their ten minutes of fame.

That belief morphed into an obsession – to the point that after we launched a range of frankly awesome flavoured pork crackling along came whopping great big advent calendars, wedding favours, a beer, a hot sauce, a cookbook and a huge range of gifts.



The Amazon for healthcare

My first "proper" business which I co-founded with Udhi Silva.

Started in 2010 with a mission to help healthcare companies save money on everything they buy, we were fed up how NHS budgets were constantly reduced and the demands we placed on the service ever increasing. We wanted to do our bit to help them with the goal of doing our bit to help improve patient care.

This business taught me so many things, many of which seem cliche to say out loud. It gave me the grounding and the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone.